Outline of our services.

To view a full and up to date cervice sheet then please down load from HERE. Our highly trainned staff are waiting to take your call for any information you may require.

Civil & Criminal Investigations   Our Investigations department is staffed by former police, armed services, prison & customs personnel with experience in a variety of civil & criminal investigations including Fraud, Theft, Robbery, Forgery, Specialist Operations, Missing Persons, Surveillance, Witness Statements & Interviews, Industrial Espionage, Debt and AssetTrace & Recovery, Civil Enforcement Services

Accident & Collision Investigation
The NESIS Group GB Ltd, Accident & Collision Investigations Department is managed by former Police Traffic Officers with over 50 years experience investigating a wide variety of Road Traffic Accidents. Within this department, we also employ specialist investigators who have experience within a variety of industries and accordingly can investigate industrially related accidents.

Computer Forensics
At The NESIS Group GB Ltd, our digital forensic experts recover evidence and analyse data, whilst at all times maintaining a strict chain of custody to ensure that the evidence is preserved in its original form and therefore admissible in a court of law.

Debt Recovery
The NESIS Group GB Ltd aims provide a personal, professional and effective service to our clients through comprehensive and specialist credit control and debt recovery services, and in so doing, add significant value to the clients that we serve.

Drug Enforcement
The NESIS Group GB Ltd work closely with the Police and Local Authority Licensing Departments and provide independent Drug Enforcement Operatives to licensed premises, sporting & leisure events, educational institutions, industry and commerce to conduct random searches of persons entering the premises for the unlawful possession of Controlled Substances.

Our Operatives work Independently of the Police and Local Authority and attend your premises purely on a RANDOM basis

For security reasons, details of our Clients must remain totally Confidential. All our Operatives sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to employment and at anytime during such employment.